Services & Products

The current Consumer-centric Era is changing ​people behavior and habits at the speed of light. Customers, patients, and citizens expect more personalised, relevant and real time experiences.

More data than ever, cloud computing, and analytic algorithms produce a strong impact in marketing and customer-centric strategies.

Our solutions suite enhance existing corporate CRM and User experience management, with new ways to understand and predict behaviors. 

Marketing and Business teams can use this knowledge for customer experience optimization and to impact business growth.

Customer Cognifying

Cognifying Framework

“From Campaign Intelligence to Customer Intelligence focus on Value creation”

  • Our business, technology and analytics framework improve Customer, Citizen and Patient value in a innovative and pragmatic way.
  • We reuse and improve existing corporate Campaign centric metrics, procedures and analytics; by adding and connecting new Customer centric metrics, procedures and analytics, based on specific business oriented dimensions.
  • This unique methodology could be deployed in a gradual and measurable way without stopping ongoing marketing initiatives.

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

“Adding value through Customer, Citizen & Patient Metrics and Analytics”

  • 360º profile Data Modeling
  • Customer/Citizen/Patient metrics, KPIs
  • Omni-channel traceability
  • Customer lifetime value calculation
  • RFM, RFI, Xsell & NPS calculation
  • Customer/Citizen/Patient Journey Maps
  • CRM, Campaign & Commerce analytics
  • Customer/Citizen/Patient dashboard
  • Predictive Analytics: NBA, Attrition, Loyalty
  • Behavioral dynamic segmentation

Behavioral Patterns

Behavioral Patterns

“PENTAGRAMA© Behavioral patterns Discovery & Optimization”

  • Our solution provides a proprietary Data model and methodology, that covers the process of Customer, Citizen & Patient observed behavior data collection, organization and representation.
  • Together with our behavior discovery and optimization Algorithms, contributes to understand, analyze, optimize and anticipate Customer, Citizen & Patient most frequent behavioral patterns.
  • Pentagrama enable to segment and visualize dynamic patterns, in order to anticipate and optimize people’s journeys.

Customer Centricity

Periodic table

“Periodic table for Customer centricity”

  • We have developed a flexible, agile and evolutionary Customer Centricity Components Model (CCCM). Main aspects of customer relationship and experience are grouped into eight disciplines:
  • – CRM & CXM
    – Customer Privacy
    – Customer Experience
    – Customer Service
    – Customer Loyalty
    – Social CRM
    – Content Marketing
    – Customer Intelligence
  • This approach creates a high level conceptual architecture that facilitate the alignment of any iniciative and interdisciplines teams to a Customer, Patients & Citizen centric transformation strategy.  

Customer Technology

Customer Technology

“Customer Data, Technology & Infrastructure Map”

  • We help companies to align their Customer, Citizen & Patient centric technology with their business needs, best of breed platforms, and open standards.
  • Customer centric Architecture: help Companies tech teams to define and build the right holistic Customer centric and omni-channel architecture.
  • Customer Technology Roadmap: help Companies business teams to envision an open and extensible Customer technology evolutionary roadmap. To make sure that they take advantage of the state of the art customer technologies
  • Consultancy services: we join Companies tech and business teams during the project roll out process. 

Pentagrama© as a Service

Customer Campaign

“Patterns Discovery paid per use”

  • Agile, on-demand, pay per use business model for client’s data processing using our Pentagrama© technology.
  • Main Services:
  • – Setup Universal data model
  • – Use Pentagrama© algorithms as a service
  • – Cloud computing infrastructure
  • Two different services are available:
  • Pentagrama© Patterns discovery One:
  • Ideal for a proof of concpet with one time data processing, patterns discovery and analytics.
  • Pentagrama© Patterns discovery Flow:
  • Ideal for ongoing data processing, patterns discovery and analytics.